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  • WSO Launches Call for Universal Stroke Solidarity Awareness Symbol
    World Stroke OrganizationSeoul | 14 October 2010 – Stroke specialists, stroke survivors, neurologists, leading medical professionals and advocates gathered last evening at the Opening Ceremony of the 7th World Stroke Congress to identify strategies to combat the second most common cause of death worldwide. There are 15 million people each year who suffer a stroke. The fight against a disease that claims a life every six seconds is gaining momentum as more people take direct action to ensure that stroke can be beaten. Primary prevention, treatment and long-term quality care and support were the resounding key messages conveyed.

    A highlight at the Opening Ceremony was the announcement from World Stroke Organization (WSO) president Bo Norrving of the call for a universal stroke solidarity awareness symbol to represent, unite and inspire the stroke community in scaling-up the fight against stroke. “Unity is strength” underscored Prof. Norrving. “One stick can easily be broken but together in a bundle, they are harder to break. The power of unity can never be underestimated” added Prof. Markku Kaste, chair of World Stroke Day 2010 and of the World Stroke Campaign.

    To date, stroke, a disease that kills nearly six million people a year, still does not have a universal solidarity awareness symbol that can be used to advance a unified call to action. As the “voice for stroke” the WSO has taken note of this and is asking people from around the world to share their creative ideas. The advocacy contest will be judged by a panel comprised of distinguished individuals from the global stroke community, with the winner being announced in 2011. To join the contest and enter your submission, please click here.

    The burden of stroke is escalating and is becoming more pronounced in many of Korea’s neighboring countries such as China, India along with others in this dynamic region of the world. And, with health systems already stretched to the limit, one of the most powerful weapons in the fight against this disease is knowledge. “Knowledge is Power” concluded WSO president Bo Norrving.

    About the World Stroke Organization – The World Stroke Organization (WSO) was established in October 2006. Its mission is to provide access to stroke care, promote research and knowledge by (1) promoting prevention and care for persons with stroke and vascular dementia; (2) fostering the best standards of practice; (3) educating, in collaboration with other international, public, and private organizations; and (4) facilitating clinical research. With individual and organizational members worldwide, WSO is the global voice for stroke. WSO is an international NGO in official relations with the World Health Organization (WHO).